CONTENT: Use MARR and compare IRR to it
CONTENT: Use MARR and compare IRR to it. Comments from Customer PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#420256827): YOU HAVE THE FREEDUM TO CHOOSE A CASE STUDY OF YOUR OWN WITH THE FOLLOWING MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1. An engineering case of two choices. What is your choice? Why ? 2. Include the time value of money ( i % ). 3. Upload the Power-point representation of [[ a total number of slides to range from five (5) slides to ten (10) slides only]]. Please specify the type of case study you choose at the first slide to be clear to the reader that your case study any of the following: Real case study with assumptions of interest rates. Personal case including issues learned from debit management lecture. Imaginary case study including key subjects and tools learned. you can use the book to identify the tools and a case study to work on. i uploaded a simple to help you get the idea

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