Book used: David, F. R., & David, F. R. (2019). Strategic management:
Book used: David, F. R., & David, F. R. (2019). Strategic management: a competitive advantage approach, concepts and cases (17th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0135192221 Requirement: Perform a SWOT Analysis and a BCG Matrix Coca-Cola: Complete Exercise 6A & 6C Overview: You will begin by creating a SWOT and a BCG matrix. Challenge 1) For the SWOT: Follow Steps 1-2 of the Learning Exercise 6A in your text. (Please see attached. Note: These are individual exercises and not a group exercise. This differs from your text.) Then, prepare a SWOT Matrix for the Coca-Cola Company. 2) For the BCG (Learning Exercise 6C): Use the information in the Learning Exercise in your text to prepare a BCG matrix for the Coca-Cola Company locating each division where you believe it represents its position relative to market share and growth. ("Exercise 6C: Develop a BCG Matrix for Coca-Cola: Purpose: Portfolio matrices are widely used by multidivisional organizations to help identify and select strategies to pursue. A BCG analysis identifies particular divisions that should receive fewer resources than others. It may identify some divisions that need to be divested. This exercise can give you practice in developing a BCG Matrix. Step 1: Place the following five column headings at the top of a separate sheet of paper: Divisions, Revenues, Profits, Relative Market Share Position, Industry Growth Rate. Down the far left of your page, list Coca-Cola’s divisions/segments as given on here. Now turn back to the Cohesion Case and find information to fill in all the cells in your data table from here. ") 3) When complete with both exercises (6A & 6C): Write a short narrative (one page or less) of your key conclusions from: (1) your SWOT analysis of the Coca-Cola Company, (2) your BCG work on the Coca-Cola Company. In addition, include your conclusions on the Coca-Cola Company as a result of its position in the BCG and the results of SWOT. 3) Make clear recommendations for the Coca-Cola Company based on integrating the work from the above models. I have attached the excel spreadsheet that has the SWOT analysis and BCG matrix tabs that you can fill in the information to help assist when writing the narrative of key conclusions. It's all laid out for you. Please see attached.

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